Factors to Look Out before Investing In a Property

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Wanted to invest in a safer investment channel with relatively lower risk & lower liquidity? One of the most attractive investment is real estate. The general trend is that the property value appreciates over time. However, one must do their homework before putting their hard-earned money in investing in a real estate property. So, before you purchase your piece of property, read down the below-listed pointers before making a final decision.

  1. Personal Income Stability

Investing in a real estate property is a long financial commitment. So, one should ensure the stable & a clearer picture of the future income that would help you in the financially challenging situation between the sale & purchase of the property. If you are so sure about your financial health, then you are good to invest in real estate investment. If not, you need to fix your personal finances.

  1. Property Location

There is an old adage “Location is the father of Real Estate”. Location is an extraordinarily significant & inevitable factor while contemplating upon looking for an excellent property to invest in. Because a good location can increase the chances of higher investment returns than an undesirable location. Charms castle – a renowned residential set up in the suburb of Raj Nagar Extension has excellent proximity to essential & necessary facilities like offices, schools, workplaces & other public utilities like post offices, malls, high streets, hospitals, banks etc. Other lifestyle amenities like restaurants, food joints, cafes are in abundance.

Also, consider factors like public transportation availability, connectivity to nearby areas, kind of surrounding locations- commercial, industrial or residential. At Charms Castle – the Hindon Elevated Road boosts the connectivity of this area via NH-24 & NH-58 for the working professionals of Delhi & Noida along with New Bus Adda Metro Station at just 10mins away.

  1. Type of Property to Invest in

There are many types of real estate properties where one can invest their money like residential, commercial, industrial, land etc.   However, the residential properties are considered the safest type as the rate of return is 100% guaranteed. People always look out for shelters to reside in. Hence there are more chances of getting tenants or buyers for the residential property. Charms India – a prestigious real estate developer has developed multiple projects like Charms Castle in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad. The property offers well- ventilated, spacious 2/3 BHK apartments with amenities like kids playground, badminton court, yoga lawn etc. for people of all age groups.

  1. Property Characteristics

It is imperative to understand whether you want to invest in a newly constructed property, plots of land or an existing establishment. Both come with their own set of benefits. Plots or apartments are often surrounded by excellent infrastructures like roads, street lights, proper drainage systems, security & surveillance and well-built pavements. Also, newly constructed properties come with attractive pricing, customizable & documented amenities. Also, they have a good layout, structural integrity and an open floor plan & accessories such as balconies.

Thus, the condition of the property that you want to purchase is an essential factor to consider.

  1. Present Situation of the real estate market

Property market changes from time to time. Hence, it becomes crucial to do market research about the property market of that area to find out the ingoing prevalent conditions. For example, due to Covid-19, there is reduction in repo rate & home- loan rates have slashed all-time low & this makes a good time to invest in residential property and there has been high demand.

The Take-Away

Real Estate investment is attractive & rewarding too. If you want to be fortunate enough to make it big in the real estate market or if you are investing for the first time, then the above pointers are for you to consider. If the decisions at the right time & taking various above factors, it could make a difference between a few thousand to billion.



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