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By definition, high-rise apartments is a building that has as minimum as four floors & can go as high as 40 to 50 stories. Living in a high-rise doesn’t mean necessarily compromising on comfort living. High-rise living comes with the benefits that make it an attractive option for many home-buyers. In most of the top prime cities & metros, the land is a valuable resource & so the property in the excellent neighborhoods has become more worthy. There are multiple benefits of living in a high-rise as compared to owning a property ranging from convenience & pricing to ease of maintenance & accessibility. High-rise apartments have much more to offer if you’re on the fence to find the right property in a good neighborhood.

Here are the few reasons that we feel stands above the rest.

The Picturesque Views

Without any doubt, one of the main benefits of living in a high rise is the marvelous views of the city skyline, sunset, rainfalls, beautiful landscape of lush greenery. So, the rule of the thumb is the higher the apartment, the better the view is. At Charms India, we trust that our homes grant all these wishes. The High-rise apartments of Charms Castle offers a lifestyle where your standard of living gets amplified.

The Peaceful Living & Ample Natural Ventilation

Another pleasure of living in a high-rise apartment is to live away from the hustle & bustle of the city. When you live on the upper floors, it means you’re separated from the daily traffic noise. High-rise apartments also get ample direct natural sunlight & fresh air than a standalone home. Charms Castle homes boast for its uniquely designed indoors with efficient space management to provide you with a blissful & peaceful living.


This is one major factor that almost everyone considers before investing their hard-earned money into. High-rise apartments are known for providing extra protection with the installation of security cameras & guards at every unit. Charms Castle apartments are equipped with the latest technology based Earthquake resistant RCC (share wall) frame structure with tie beams. The fire safety equipment & the fire extinguishers are installed in the common areas. The lifts are well maintained with emergency devices & alarms.

Socialise with Neighbours

Living in large residential apartments gives you access to multiple common amenities like Clubhouse, Gym etc. This offers a chance to be a part of diverse social gatherings & various opportunities to get familiar with many people around you. Charms Castle offers a Clubhouse equipped with a Gym & a party Lounge where one can host their special days & participate in others to foster relationships with the neighbors.

Access to World-Class Amenities & Facilities

The availability of public amenities like fitness centers, yoga lawn, badminton court, a swimming pool means residents can enjoy these within the complex as well. Services like trash collection, maintenance & moving services are all provided by the building. This is the luxury of living in a high rise apartment over independent homes which rarely comes with this much conveniences & comforts.

Close Proximity to Social Infrastructure

In most residential areas, the best entertainment venues, dining restaurants are conveniently located closer to where you live. Being in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad Charms Castle has its advantages where one can get access to commute to work, daily facilities for the better peace of mind. The New Bus Adda Metro Station is just 10 mins drive. It is also well connected to NH-58 & NH- 24 & wears pride in the settling of various educational institutions, schools & colleges & other imperative social infrastructure like hospitals, malls & shopping centers.

Hence, all-in-all, there is no doubt that the benefits of living in a high-rise apartment outweigh the disadvantages. From the incredible view to safety to the lower utility costs, high rise apartments are in high demand among the home-buyers. So, if there are the choices someone is looking for, then the high-rises are the way to go.


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