Tips to Make the Best Out of Quarantine Time At Home

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Ever thought of Self Quarantining At home?? It surely wasn’t on anybody’s bucket list.

As Coronavirus radiated through the world, the schools, colleges are shut, people are working from home, keeping themselves aloof from social events. Social distancing is the new buzzword. Everybody is exercising caution in this new reality. However, there is no need to panic. Apart from groceries, medication etc. to be arranged, there is a lot of free time that you’re spending at home. We’re already one week to this & still, two weeks seems a lot of time to remain in isolation. If you are a professional or a student, chances are you must be making sure to complete your daily tasks & assignments. If you feel that you’re being stuck at home and nothing to do, we are here to provide a step-by-step guide to sail you through this Lockdown period.


  1. Keep a routine

Sticking to a routine during lockdown seems to be a distant dream. However, if followed well, can be extremely beneficial for you as well as for your family. Keep a daily schedule of the daily activities right from the morning to the evening. Keep a check on your daily tasks, divide time for each of them. Children are generally punctuated with school timings. Make a check that they also follow a specific routine & engage them with certain activities that will boost their learning & that they can utilize their time well.


  1. Walkthrough the Long Pending List of Books:

Finding enough time for your most loving books always seemed to be a luxury. This Quarantine period, however, will give you ample amount of time to catch up reading your favourite books.  Utilize this time to gain more vision and add up your knowledge.


  1. Catch up with your Old mates/relatives.

We all complain about not finding time to meet & greet some of our old friends. Such times gives you a chance to chit chat & relish your old memories with your old buddies. Social distancing doesn’t mean to distance from your loved ones.  Make a call, text or video chat and use this time to reconnect whom you might have lost touch with.


  1. Meditate/Exercise At home

Boost your overall wellness, make a work-out regime, push-ups & planks like there is no tomorrow. Start working on the fitness goals that you have probably made as to the new- year resolution but couldn’t make it up somehow.


  1. Be Compassionate towards Others

Make the first move and make a text or call to those whom you care. Even the briefest phone call would add a significant positive impact on someone & in turn, you’ll get benefitted too.


  1. Pamper your skin

Take out time for your skincare routine. All the face masks, moisturizers that have been kept for long but using them wouldn’t be possible during the regular workweek. Ladies, this one is for you.


  1. Up your Culinary Skills

Make a list of those recipes that you always wanted to prepare but hardly gets time. Cook & be proud of yourself!


  1. Spend Quality time with your Family

This is a must. Make some moves like organize a karaoke session with the family, listening to music with your partner or play games with the kids etc. that you always urged for.


So, make this work during this extended period. Wash your hands, sanitize, stay indoors, keep safe & recognize this silver lining.

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