A Guide to First Time Home Buyers

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Buying your own home is a essential task that comes with great ability, especially if you’re a first-time home-buyer. Following pointers will help you in navigating the process, take refined decisions, save money & avoid common mistakes which generally people tend to while buying the property for the first time.

  1. Start Your Research Early:

As early as you can, start researching about the different real estate players over the websites, newspapers, and magazines. Make a list of those whom you’re interested in, compatible with your needs, budget & specifications.


  1. Determine how much you can afford for a home:

Before starting a search for your dream home, understand your price range and what exactly falls within that range. Determine how much you can spend. Make realistic goals of what you can afford so that you can buy the house as per your needs.

Raj Nagar Extension is a booming destination where many residential property options are available. The price, the amenities, the location, everything matters!

Charms Castle is a residential project in Rajnagar Extension that will suit your pocket, offering a flexible payment plan option in 50:25:25. The location is very desirable as the connectivity is worth the value of your money.


  1. Don’t just invest in a home for today instead of tomorrow:

Investing in a property that satisfies your current needs may not be a good idea in case you’re planning to expand your family. It would be a much wiser decision to invest in a big home that you can grow into. Hence, consider your future needs as well and that your home can accommodate them or not.


  1. The right type of house and neighborhood:

One should buy a property in an area which has adequate facilities of power, sewage, water etc. The neighbourhood for the connecting city, the availability of malls, supermarkets, public transportation & prices of the property are requisite components. A buyer should also check about the builder’s experience, the number of projects delivered etc. The source of entertainment is also an important factor as the neighbourhood should have it all.


  1. Choosing the Right Location:

Location plays a vital role while & before buying a house. While investing in a home, accessibility from rest of the city & the availability of the major conveniences like grocery shops, schools, hospitals, colleges, institutions etc. must be kept in the mind and look out to cater the needs of your family.


  1. Government Initiatives:

PMAY- Prime Minister Awas Yojna is a Government scheme that is aimed to provide housing for all by 2022. It is primarily targeted for middle-income people. One can avail these schemes and ease the financial burden. It is helpful for first home buyers.


Charms India – a residential retreat has an excellent market name when it comes to quality delivery of homes. The first phase of Charms Castle at Raj Nagar Extension has delivered. More than 500 Families are already residing. Also, to add more, “BE SMART. BUY A SMART HOME” is the new scheme which is being offered by the Group. Hurry Up & Invest in any unit and get a free registry. Read carefully & evaluate all the options while making a significant investment for your dream home!

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