Why is Real Estate the Right thing to invest during Lockdown?

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It was pretty sure that none of us had ever witnessed this current Lockdown situation. When India entered into the year 2020, it was all excellent, and we all were set to the colours of happiness & new beginnings. However, come March 2020, we never imagined ourselves being completely surrendered inside our homes. In a way to curb down the spread of covid-19, a 21 days lockdown declared across the country. It extended by another 19 days. The biggest pandemic ever faced by humanity in over a century has impacted one and all. Everyone is thinking about growing their respective businesses & where to invest the money now, what will be the safe option!

Options Like SIP, Mutual funds, Stock Market, Shares etc. are available then why Real Estate?

It’s high time to ponder upon where we can invest our passive source of income & secure our future. Likewise, India’s growth rate has been projected to be at 1.9%. Real Estate investment is by far has emerged as the safest option considering the crash of the stock market, conditions of the banks etc.

With many economists predicting that the recession will come all over the world again with an estimated loss to Global GDP stands at $9 trillion. But do we need to think about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and just anticipate the outcomes or do we need to think about to crack this opportunity to make big money out of it? The pandemic has taught us that things will occur to us unexpectedly. We need to be prepared for such situations. But are we prepared to face such cases again?


Real Estate can be a Panacea during the lockdown!

Most of the buyers who were interested in buying a residential unit would have deferred their decision until the lockdown opens due to the upheaval in the market conditions. However, any smart person who is observing the current market trends would think of investing in real estate to be the smartest move during the lockdown!

Deficit Demand: Real Estate is facing deficit demand which resulted in offering various lucrative schemes by the developers. Buyers can buy a property as low as the launch price during the lockdown.

Reduction in Key Policy Rates: RBI has announced specific relief measures to ease the situation. It has reduced the repo rate by 75 basis points to 4.4 % & reverse repo rate by 3.75% apart from infusing the liquidity of Rs. 3.74 lakh crore into the banking system. This is positive news as it would reduce the EMI for home-buyers.

Demand- Supply Breakthrough:  Due to low demand, the discounted rate is available on ample inventories during the lockdown. This may not always remain once it is lifted.

Strike the iron when it is hot: It’s time to implement the strategy to gain extensive returns on the investment. This is as high as 18% as offered by a few builders.

Brand Value: during Lockdown, you have additional free time to research about the prospective developers. Choose the best for yourself & book your dream asset.

With Lockdown not seen to be over soon. Online Home-Buying, Virtual site visits, Digital House Tours will be the new buzzwords of the town. Charms Castle, a renowned residential project by Charms India in Raj Nagar Extension is offering a shooting star deal. Now you can book your unit by paying online with a 0% Booking Amount and get 100% refund if you do not wish to continue after the lockdown. Hurry, the offer is valid till the lockdown ends!

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