Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

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High-rises are playing an increasingly important role in India. There are many reasons why people think it’s beneficial to buy an apartment in a high-rise building. If you are looking to move into high-rises, there are several factors that you must consider.

Security is a major issue

The lower levels are considered unsafe by most because they are easier to access hence more prone to burglary or invasion. If you are adamant about staying on a lower level, dig up the security arrangements of the society/complex in detail before deciding where to live. Privacy might also be a major concern at lower floors if your building is located on a busy road or area, whereas higher floors are quieter and more peaceful.

Find Your Perfect Apartment View

Based on your personal needs, there is a huge difference between apartments located on upper floors versus lower ones. If you are looking for an apartment with more of a view, the higher up you get the better. You also might save some money if you choose an apartment in a location that’s close to scenic attractions!

Mobile Network is a challenge!

The construction of high-rise apartments has become a common practice in several cities. Mumbai, in particular, is known for having large apartment blocks reach up to 40 floors or more! When choosing where you want to live, be sure to check what options are available concerning broadband service for flats on your flooring option so that you won’t run into concerns later on!

Power Consumption on the rise

Some buildings are built high to be able to conquer an immediate source of energy. However, it often tends to be that the lower floors are typically cooler than the higher ones. If you have a building that faces long and hot summers, then this is something you should consider because this could save you money on your energy bill.

Reliability for Lifts and Staircases

Having at least two lifts is essential when living in a high-rise apartment. In case one of the lifts breaks down, there’s always another lift that can be used. This is particularly important when you have senior citizens or young children present in your family, because if an emergency does occur and the lifts fail to work, the only alternative is to take the stairs and even though it is acceptable and safe to walk from floor to floor than it would be for seniors or people who cannot move about freely on their own accord.

 A Better Choice for Rental Returns

If you are thinking of making an Investment property in Raj Nagar Extension, it’s helpful to keep in mind that the bottom two floors of any building are often rented first, because they have the best natural light. This is especially true of cities like Delhi NCR and Chennai, where climate plays a heavy role. However, even in Mumbai and Bangalore, upper floors are not completely neglected by tenants.

Seepage Assessment

Water Seepage is a problem that plagues many residents of the building. It’s not specific to the top floor or bottom floor, but it does seem to affect them more than other floors. Pipes and drains located in the ground floor area of the residential tower tend to result in water damage sustained by both floors above and below.

In summary, high rise buildings are the future of the commercial market, and we want to help you make the best decision you can when deciding on which floor to choose. If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right floor for you, feel free to contact us at +91 8468804040 or visit

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