Things to Avoid While Purchasing a Property in 2020!

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“To Err is Human; To Correct, Divine” – a famous saying by the great Alexander Pope.

While erring is in human blood, when it comes to home buying, even the smallest mistake can cost you high. Real Estate purchase is on boom these days, due to the high returns & due to the safety & security it offers. But usually, it has been seen that the investors make some blunder mistakes, which would cost them a high misfortune.

Here are our quick pointers which will help you in avoiding making common mistakes when you plan to buy your dream home:


Not Keeping In Mind the Future Size of the Family

While purchasing a home for yourself, one should always look for the current & Future size of the family. Maybe you’re planning to expand your family & so would your expenses. Consider the additional space that is needed in the future due to which you may need to bear additional costs too.


Lack of Research & Vision

Sometimes, we do not do enough research& tend to make decisions in a hurry. This could lead to ill consequences. It is essential to survey multiple properties in your shortlisted locations & execute a deal that would be the best match suiting your budget & other preferences.


Abide by the set budget

Before embarking on the home-buying journey, set a budget & make sure you stick to it. Apart from EMI’s & down payment, there are multiple factors like brokerage fees, registration & maintenance charges and GST that could jeopardize your home- buying decision. Hence, make a list of your whims & adhere to your budget.


Obsession with Ready to Move-In units

Sometimes, we are obsessed with buying a ready to move-in flats to escape from the burdens of both the EMI’s & paying rent. However, one should also evaluate an under-construction property which might offer better results in terms of location, amenities, price & livable space.

Timing of cracking the deal

Cracking a deal at the right time is the key to get best in real estate. Most of the builders are offering lucrative offers on their properties. It’s high time that you must not rush to make a deal instead think elaborately on each point so that you would get a better deal on your investment.


Hence, do not rush into making a desperate purchase for your dream home. It should be more of a thoughtful decision because once taken up wrong; they leave a long time regret. Remember, the price may be one of the essential factors to consider. However, one must do a comparative analysis of the market & take insights about different essential services/facilities in their preferred location. Charms Castle is a highly renowned residential project by Charms India in the heart of Ghaziabad, i.e. Raj Nagar Extension. The group has come up with a customized payment plan in which the customers can book a home in as minimum BSP as 2699/-*. Spacious rooms, world-class amenities, airy, well ventilated and having access to essential facilities are the hallmark of all Charms India group homes. To find your right home, log onto

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