How investing in a home is a profitable venture?

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Buying a house might be the biggest investment that one makes in his entire lifetime, but the profits that one reaps in the following years far exceed the initial purchase amount. Hence, buying a house definitely has a lot of advantages:

Long-term investment – Leads to wealth accumulation for those who keep the house for a longer period. Therefore provides steady returns on the investment made.

Your own house – Provides a sense of privacy and security. It is something that can be passed down to future generations.

Costs less as compared to renting – Paying the EMI for a fixed period of time is better than paying rent for your entire life and not even owning a house at the age of retirement.

Tax benefits – Leads to substantial tax savings when taking a home loan.

Value appreciation – One can expect to build equity as the value of the house appreciates over time.

Hence, investing in buying a house is always as profitable as the property prices increase with time. Today, when there are hundreds of projects coming up in Delhi NCR, one also gets to choose the best project, whether the choice is based on the amenities offered or the budget. There are all kinds of options available. There are a few projects which are budget friendly and are also offering the best facilities.

One such project is the Charms Castle at Raj Nagar extension, which has flat sizes starting from 550 Sqft and going up to 1500 Sqft. If one goes through the Charms Castle price list, it becomes quite evident that the rates are highly competitive and one gets to choose the payment plan option as well. Even with these low prices, the amenities being offered are comparable to any of the ‘luxurious villa projects’. Some of the amenities are a state-of-the-art clubhouse, a basketball court, a badminton court, a swimming pool, a landscaped park, a gym and spa, and many others.

Hence, Charms Castle is definitely a project worth considering when planning to invest in a house. It’s located on the six-lane highway, NH-58, Raj Nagar Ext. Ghaziabad and is quite near to Vaishali Metro Station, New Ghaziabad railway station and new bus stand in Ghaziabad. In addition to the above, the project is being developed in an eco-friendly manner with all the safety measures being taken into account like earthquake resistance, proper fire fighting system, etc.

Charms Castle homes are perfect if you are looking for 2 and 3 BHK flat in Raj Nagar Extension.

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