Factors to Look Out before Investing In a Property

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Wanted to invest in a safer investment channel with relatively lower risk & lower liquidity? One of the most attractive investment is real estate. The general trend is that the property value appreciates over time. However, one must do their homework before putting their hard-earned money in investing in a real estate property. So, before…Read More→


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For most of the Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s), Investing In a property in India has been considered a preferred investment tool. Ever since the introduction of RERA & GST occurred in 2016, investment in Indian real estate market has become lucrative for them. As per the data from the ANAROCK’s consumer sentiment survey for H1 2019,…Read More→

Should one consider buying a home during the time of pandemic?

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While the world is fighting against the novel Coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty has taken place everywhere in terms of jobs, finances, career, bonuses, and stocks and businesses as well. This has somehow affected the buyers, their expenditure pattern & the investors who were considering to invest in the real estate before the disease has started spreading….Read More→

Impact of Coronavirus Lockdown on Buyer Sentiment in the Real Estate sector

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No industry in the world has remained untouched with the reeling impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Real Estate is no different. Both the commercial as well as residential market are expected to hit a new low during the lockdown phase. Various opinions are being tabled about how it will evolve in the near future. Market experts…Read More→

Real Estate v/s Other Investment Options- which is the favourable option to invest this lockdown?

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The first question arises in the mind of every investor before beginning his/her investment journey is where to invest. Should I invest in real estate or mutual funds, or will gold be a better investment choice than others?  Equity Funds, SIPs, stock market, etc.- the list is infinite. Lockdown has made people more risk-averse than…Read More→